Internet Side Effect for Children

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In this globalization era, internet is one of the most important features that cannot be separated from our everyday life especially children. Children in this days is always using internet for their need and their entertainment. There are many android or other cell phone are being used by children to fulfill their needs for the internet. Unfortunately, in this modern era, the negative side of the internet is increase. The first negative effect of internet is children can access porn site freely in this days. Actually, the government can control the internet usage for any people; however there are many ways to open this restricted site.

What should we do as parents to prevent the negative side of internet

As parents, we must take a control about this issue. We must know the entire activity of our children. We can give advice to our children which are the web pages in the internet must not accessed by them. It is true if we must try harder to avoid the children from this issue. Porn sites in the internet can give bad effect to each people, even for adult. Therefore, if we have any computer or laptop inside the house, we need to extra care about our children’s activity. If children access the suspicious web page, we must tell to them if stop for browse the internet.

Beside porn site, there are also gambling web page which can also give negative side effect to our children. Gambling is forbidden in certain country because it can lead to negative personality and addiction. Therefore, we must monitor our children internet usage so that they will not visiting any gambling web site. Gambling game is always addictive once people have tried it, they will try it continuously in order to win. Therefore, we must take extra care to monitor our children so they do not try to access any gambling web site.

Another thing that we need to take care of is to monitor the usage of smartphone. There are so many applications available for Android smart phone. In this new era, it is not weird if children age 5 years old has smart phone and the parents willing to buy them smart phone. Actually, this is not good for them. For 5 years old children, they need to play their imagination naturally so that they can expand their knowledge about the real world. Unfortunately, smartphone addiction can make our children apathetic to their environment. Once again, internet, smart phone, and globalization can give bad effect to the children. Actually it is okay if parents buy smart phone for their children, but the parents must watch the activity and control of smart phone usage.

Fortunately for the parents, they can monitor their children through their cell phone. There are many monitoring application if they want to monitor their children activities. Mspy is one of the solutions for any parents who want to monitor their children activity. This application is available in the internet and can be easily purchased with this application, any parents can monitor the activity of their children cell phone and the can see the history of the internet usage. If they want to add the restricted web page in the application, they just need to insert the web page in the application and automatically the application will block the restricted web pages.