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Nowadays, social networking became the main target in the target marketing of a product. More than 100 million people are “active” uses Facebook from their mobile devices every month. It was reaffirmed by the results of research that states that the number of online ad spending will increase 14 percent in 2011, but the local online advertising will rise 18 percent. Differences in local online advertising and online advertising in general have a significant difference in profit. Why targeted online ad spending is more desirable? Because to be paid postage is cheaper than buying from a place farther than where we live.

In addition, the use of social networking and the number of online ad spending is more often found using a mobile phone. Mobile phone usage is more dominant because felt easier, more simple, and not waste time to get the information. And information retrieval can be done anywhere without having to use other gadgets like laptops.

If you are a businessman on a website or blog that also advertise products or services, then you certainly will not waste this opportunity. There is a plugin that provides a number of advantages as well as the ease of marketing via mobile phones that includes special marketing locally. This software makes you saying goodbye as soon as possible because:

You will not have to create separate websites for your making local site, mobile site, and facebook ready social mini site. You just need one plugin for get all of those sites!
You will not have to create a separate domain.
You will not have to fuss with mobile auto detection.
You will not have to do anything include ‘touch to call’ phone number. What you need is just fill it in the Theme Options and all done!
You will not have to type in business details on every page.
You will not have to create contact form.
You will not have to install menu and edit code
And many more

Another advantage is that to use this software on your mobile phone is that you do not need a long time to install that as well as easy use. You better “start with the basics” (eg, Google Places) and then tackle some new opportunities (proximity marketing, mobile couponing, QR code).

Plus, that you, as marketers need to optimize, distribute and track content across all platforms: online directory, local search engines, social platforms, and mobile devices (WAP, Android, and iPhone apps).

After the tracking is done and you are confident that consumers can easily find your physical location, looking for an online conversation and reviews to see how the fate of your business. Resist the urge to be defensive if you find something negative – see it as an opportunity to improve your offer and engage with consumers.

You as a customer, will certainly find it easier in every respect a purchase. While if you as a marketer, convenience and advantages that you will achieve far greater than what you currently get. Everything can be bought only at a price of $ 97, and everything will be easier. If you have decided to use it, be prepared to get a variety of ‘waivers’ in employment, and profits are ‘heavier’ at the same time.