Spyera, Tracking Software for Virtual Activities

Just like the 007 agent James Bond, Spyera app is also a best spy for the virtual activities. In this case, it is the best monitoring software that you can use to control your children. As we know, there are many bad things that we can find from internet including sexual, drugs and bullying content. All those sites will be opened easily if we don’t control our children. But, it may be impossible if we have to control our children all the time. To solve that problem, monitoring software can be a best solution for tracking and monitoring your children silently.

How Can Spyera Protect Your Children?

By installing Spyera in your computer, you will be able to see what kind of sites that have been opened. This software will track the entire virtual activities that have been accessed by your children. In this case, the monitoring data can also be captured. The data will be protected in your account and it will be easily if you want to take this data. This monitoring software also gives you an email notification about its process. Additionally, it is easy and simple to be used.

So, what kind of advantages from this software? Besides achieve the log of the computer features, you can also get the blocking sites features. It means that you will be able to block some sites which have sexual or drugs content. You can also block some social media sites during the studying time. In this case, it will need your permission if they want to open those sites. Not only for the sites, you can also block the keywords. This incredible monitoring software is available in keyword filtering and blocking features. So, all the improper sites and keywords will be totally blocked by using Spyera as the best tracking and monitoring software.