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Ice photography advices

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The ice, not only became one of the menus are much in demand in the tropics or summer, but also a very interesting object to preserve. Given that a country does not continue to experience winter, which resulted in freezing water, except at the poles. So that, when in other seasons (except winter), someone can still enjoy the beauty of winter through the photos. Besides that, the ice can be a valuable art and stunning photography. And here is how and what tools are needed to take a picture of ice.

Not many tools required in the shooting of ice. Enough with the tools needed as follows:

– Tripod such as the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT
– Macro lenses can help, or a short telephoto zoom


techniques used are diverse. With heavy clothing and quilted-style winter, which was some of the techniques are discussed below. The following techniques provide many options that can be tailored to the circumstances and conditions of the ice, which will be the object scene.